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Mission Statement

Children's Musical Theaterworks is committed to providing excellent, accessible musical theater training and performances for youth, families, educational institutions and the entire community. Children's Musical Theaterworks recognizes the value of artistic expression and social interaction. CMT's guiding principles include: Casting all who audition, placing priority on the highest professional standards in all areas of production, providing a positive environment in which youth can learn teamwork, communication skills and the pride of accomplishment, allowing the opportunity for youth to learn from early childhood to young adulthood to work together and learn from each other, recognizing diversity of racial, ethnic, social and economic backgrounds in our audiences and performers.


Children's Musical Theaterworks continues to work toward becoming the most comprehensive regional arts institution for youth in the Central Valley and we are a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching and training in all aspects of musical theater. 

CMT Board of Directors

Board Members:

Janell Gaertig

Maurice Bonetto

Traci Kirkorian
Janice Romero-Nielsen

Abigail Paxton
Alyssa Sosa
Gerald Palladino


KC Rutiaga


Kara Lucas

Advisory Board Members:

Kaye Bonner-Cummings

Joel Abels

Executive Director:

Judy Stene

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